Please give us at least 24 hours notice.

You don't have to pay the City of Wildwood $100 to drop off at the boardwalk and then park at least a half a mile from the Beach and Boardwalk. Park at Daytrippers. Parking is close to the beach and boardwalk which means your customers can come back to the bus anytime to get or leave their stuff. Also we have 8 hot, private showers and separate dressing rooms for a one time fee of only $6 so your customers can change into their bathing suits, go to the beach all day, return for nice hot, private shower and change into their boardwalk clothes.

Wildwood Daytrippers is a family owned and operated shower house and parking lot located a half block from the beach and one block from Moreys pier at 421 East 24th Avenue, North Wildwood, NJ.Just take Exit 6, go to 24th Avenue and go left to the beach. It is perfect for bus parking or drop off and pick up because it has entrances and exits from either 23rd or 24th Avenue as seen in satelitte image below. Buses are parked facing 23rd Avenue for easy exiting.